Blog 12.1: Dominos

Product – Dominos Hand Made Pan Pizza

Price – $7.99

Place – Eden Prairie, Fitness 19, Channel 45, at 11am on 3/28.

Promotion – This promotion is a commercial for Dominos hand-made pan pizza. The commercial starts out by showing a clip of an old Dominos pizza commercial that way talking about how fast Dominos could get the pizza to your house.  Than a store owner shuts off the t.v. and explains, “Dominos used to be all about speed. Not anymore. We are slowing down to make our hand mad pan pizza.” He continues describing the different product attributes as the camera shows an employee in the Dominos kitchen hand sprinkling the cheese, pressing the doe, and placing it in the oven. The store owner comes back onto the screen to conclude the commercial by saying, ” it’s not easy for us to slow down, but its the right thing to do.”

Industry – Food Service. Retail.

Describe the Target Market –

This promotion is targeting families who like to order pizza, but are more concerned with the quality of pizza than the quick delivery. This whole promotion is centered on quality. Dominos is shifting their marketing mix from place to product. Dominos is listening to their consumer and is adjusting their marketing model to meet the needs of the consumer.

Does it work? Yes. Consumers generally appreciate when a company hears their suggestions and takes corrective actions. It tells the consumer that the company cares about what they think and they feel like they are contributing to the brand.


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