This is what we do during family photos.

This is what we do during family photos.









Name: Charis Wilson
College: North Central University
Year: Junior
Major: Business Administration (Emphasis in HR)

Brief Testimony: I grew up in the church and became radical for Jesus after a crapy couple of years in middle school. God has been faithful and the process of courtship has been the most supernatural thing that has happened to me. I am excited to see God heal, deliver, and radically transform people through love. I love Jesus and his church.

About Me: My strengths are: Achiever, Woo, Competition, Discipline, and Significance. These pretty much sum up my personality, and all of these strengths include a list of blind spots. I love meeting new people. I almost never watch TV, but musicals are a “must see.” I was born and raised in Minneapolis in a wonderful family that serves the Lord and I recently got married.
About my Future: I see college as a stepping stone to the things God has for me in life. After graduation, I will most likely work a corporate position, have kids, eventually my husband will go into FT ministry, and we hope to either fund an orphanage or several missionaries. I tend to plan too much and then God comes in and does what He intended to do all along. Someday, I will learn that my plans aren’t always right. Therefore, my previous list of events could be completely off.

About this class: I am a business major with good marketing experience, but group projects are always hard. It is a Tibbetts class. I can’t wait to learn and drown in homework.


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