Blog 11.4: Old Navy Jean’s Sales

Product – Old Navy Jean’s Sale

Price – Adults $19, Children $10

Place – Eden Prairie, Fitness 19, Channel 45, at 11am on 3/27.

Promotion – This promotion is a commercial for Old Navy that has the same airplane theme as the past Old Navy commercial that I reviewed. A couple of kids that are around the age of 10 approach the front of the all white plan in fashionable clothes smiles and take their seat at the narrator begins to speak. “This plane is full.. of stylish jeans.” As a man opens up his overhead bin that is filled with nicely folded jeans and two models in jeans come down the center aisle of plane like a runway. The flight attendant proceeds to ask the gentleman if he is okay being seen with such great jeans anywhere he goes. A beep, like the sound of the seatbelt sign rings, as the screen shot looks at the sign that says, “Smokin’ Hot jeans.”

Industry – Clothing. Retail.

Describe the Target Market –

This promotion is targeting young families who want a one stop shop for everyone in the family to buy clothes. This family cares about being stylish, but cannot afford high-end jeans. The colors in the commercial are very modern, clean, and crisp. This is a strategic target at individuals who are attracted to such attributes.

Does it work?
Yes. I like how Old Navy is releasing a consistent theme in their new commercials with the airplane, but have a different spin on it every time. The white airplane looks really modern and new.



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