Blog 12.2: Burlington Suits

Product – Burlington Suit

Price – $99

Place – Eden Prairie, Fitness 19, Channel 45, at 11am on 3/28.

Promotion – This promotion is a commercial for Burlington’s Suits. A sister and brother are window shopping and the brother stops to say, ” I want to look great for your wedding sis, but $350 is a little steep.” She responds excitedly, ” You can get the exact same suit at Burlington for $100.” She freaks out and gives him a bug hug. I think they are trying to depict the typical hysteria a bride-to-be goes through in wedding preparations.

Industry – Retial. Clothing. Hospitality.

Describe the Target Market –

This promotion is targeting young adults who are looking for brand name work clothes, or wedding attire, but cannot afford the typical price. Burlington’s message is not complicated and they convey that. “You can buy the exact same thing at Burlington for more than half the price.” Same quality, better price.

Does it work? I think that the messaging is simple and clear which is good. However, I don’t think this commercial depicts the target market accurately.


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