Blog 11.2: Le Cordon Bleu

Product – Le Cordon Bleu Cooking School

Price – The commercial does not actually mention the dollar price.

Place – Eden Prairie, Fitness 19 on Wednesday 3/27 at 11Am on channel 45.

Promotion – A chef dressed in all white in a kitchen taps the screen with his wooden spoon and says, “Hey you! Yea, I am taking to you. Why are you still sitting on the couch? You know you could be out there cooking for a living.” He proceeds to talk about all the benefits of doing what you love for a living and explains that if the viewer calls now they will be provided with a cookie career guidelines handbook to see what it is really like to work in that industry. The last screen has words and a telephone number as a narrated voice reads the number out loud and repeats it again.

Industry – Education. Hospitality. Cooking.

Describe the Target Market –
This promotion is targeting individuals who love to cook, but do not have the motivation to go to school for it. This commercial is probing these individuals to do something about it and to go get a degree in something that they will love.

Does it work?
Yes. The commercial used an attention grabber at the beginning to stand out among the noise of the other commercials, by having the chef tap the screen and talk directly to the viewer. The actual commercial is not high quality, but it did stand out among the surrounding noise.



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