Blog 11.2: Digorno

Product – Digorno Pizza and Bread Sticks

Price – Typically $8.49 on sale for $6.99

Place – Bloomington Cub Foods at 11:30 am.

Promotion – This was a pizza breadstick combo that I saw in the freezer in the pizza aisle at the grocery store. The packaging stuck out to because it was so large. The box is red a light yellow with a pepperoni pizza warm on the left and breadsticks to the right. It sticks out among all the other pizza packages that are smaller and just have a pizza on the front. I bought it, even though it was expensive because it looked interesting and delicious. Digorno likely invested more into this packaging to woo customers to this item. I thought that it was an example of co-branding, but both the breadsticks and pizza are made by Digorno.

Industry – Food Service. Consumer Brands.

Describe the Target Market –

This promotion is targeting individuals who are more particular about their pizza and are willing to pay a higher price for it. Additionally, it is likely that Digorno watched pizza sales to see what other items consumers would purchase in coordination with pizza. Breadsticks is likely an item that people purchase with pizza. This consumer likes pizza and breadsticks together.

Does it work?
Yes. The packaging is unique and large and the picture on the front stands out among the other noise on the shelves.



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