Blog 11.1: StateFarm

Product – StateFarm Insurance

Price – The commercial does not actually mention the dollar price. However, the promotion is featuring a 40% discount on auto insurance.

Place – As I was surfing the web the other afternoon (3/21/13) this advertisement was the headline at the top of YouTube.

Promotion – A standard bright Red rectangle with White bold letters positioned under the StateFarm logo. To the right of the box the text says, ” Finding discounts up to 40% on auto insurance feels a bit like magic,” with a link below headlining, “Get a quote.” To the left side 0f this rectangle is a video commercial playing. In this commercial there is a Grandfather sitting in the kitchen with his grandson and granddaughter playing a game. The grandfather continues to converse with them and wonders where all of his pocket change went. The grandson gets a really guilty look on his face as his sister proceeds to shake his hair with then drops what seemed like millions of quarters onto the table. The whole commercial is based on the theme of getting your money back.

Industry – Auto. Insurance. Banking.

Describe the Target Market –
This promotion is primarily targeting individuals who currently are not satisfied with the amount of cash output that their auto insurance provider demands. This commercial has a light, home-centered, family friendly feel. StateFarm likely used a old man in this commercial to represent company heritage and long standing quality service.

Does it work?
Yes. I felt that the positioning of the message was very eye catching. It was hard to miss a bright red rectangle headlining the YouTube home page.


Screen shot 2013-03-20 at 2.22.47 PM


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