Blog 10.4: Xfinity Comcast

Product – Xfinity Comcast

Price – The commercial does not actually mention the dollar price. However, the promotion is trying to convey the quality of upgrade and the additional ease of use one will experience with an upgrade.

Place – I watched this commercial during a break on channel 5 news on Monday evening at the gym.

Promotion – A black and white screen showing an overview of a home at night. An automated voice comes on and says, “upgrade to xfinity Comcast in 3…2…1…” The whole screen zooms into the computer with flying pixels in color and light piano music building a happy tension. The screen makes the viewer feel like you are in the milky way. Screen shots of CNN news, a little girls recital, and different life happenings appear. An automated voice closes the commercial by saying, “Welcome to the fastest internet screen. More of what you love… instantly. Welcome to Xfinity.”

Industry – Television. Production. Computer Science. Hospitality. E-commerce.

Describe the Target Market –
This promotion is primarily targeting males who value fast and high quality internet. The commercial is appealing to the tech savvy market that place a large emphasis on a modern and most up-to-date television experience. This commercial is targeting these individuals, who additionally have high family values. For example: they love to watch videos of their children growing up and such.

Does it work?
Yes. I felt that the commercial was very modern and made me instantly believe that the internet quality was high and fast because of the professionalism and tech “savvyness” of the commercial.



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