Blog 10.3: AndroGel

Product – AndroGel

Price – The commercial does not actually mention the dollar price. However, the promotion is trying to convey the ease and value of the testosterone that this gel with give you.

Place – I watched this commercial during a break on channel 5 news on Monday evening at the gym.

Promotion – A man who is in his 40’s gets out of the car and starts to talk to the viewer about how his doctor told him that he had a lack of testosterone so he started to take AndroGel and saw a significant difference. Then his girlfriend from the other side of the car comes and puts her arms round him as they proceed to all these different locations on their date. During these scenes an automated voice comes on and talks quickly and in the background about all the negative side effects AndroGel can have. this continues for about 45 seconds. The viewer is watching these beautiful and romantic scenes while the automated voice gives a death sentence.

Industry – Medical.

Describe the Target Market –
This promotion is primarily targeting older males who are having issues during intercourse because of lack of testosterone. This commercial seemed to appeal to emotions, which might also be targeting females who are married to men with these issues.

Does it work?
Maybe. I am not as convinced that this commercial is rememberable or has anything unique about it. I thought it was interesting how the commercial was hoping that the viewer would be so focused on what they saw that they would not hear or drown out the automated voice talking about all the negative side effects.


I was not able to locate this commercial on Youtube, but took a screen shot of what it looks like.


Screen shot 2013-03-18 at 8.05.59 PM


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