Blog 10.2: Pearle Vision

Product – Pearle Vision

Price – The commercial does not actually mention the dollar price. However, the promotion is trying give price appeal to those who are looking for an eye doctor who tells the truth about being cheap.

Place – I watched this commercial during a break on channel 5 news on Monday evening at the gym.

Promotion – A woman who is probably in her upper 20’s with red hair is sitting in the eye doctor’s office. She is asking him many questions and he is hooked up to a lie detector. He continues to tell her about how their prices have not changed and continues to pass the lie detector. An automated voice comes on to close out the commercial by saying, “There are no surprises at the register. Another way we are different. Take a look at”

Industry – Retail. Hospitality. Medical. Frames.

Describe the Target Market –
This promotion is primarily targeting people who are sick of the pricing strategy at vision clinics being confusing. Likely, this target market is a woman who has been burnt out with all of her eye doctor visits a d wants it to be easier.

Does it work?
Maybe. I am not as convinced that this commercial is rememberable or has anything unique about it. At the same time, nothing is outrageous.


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