Blog 10.1: Old Navy

Product – Old Navy Hoodies and Crews

Price – Adult hoodies are $12 and children hoodies are for $8.

Place – I watched this commercial during a break on channel 5 news on Monday evening at the gym.
Promotion – This commercial takes place in an all white interior airplane staring Jennifer Love Hewit. All the dialogue is styled to be like a flight attendant speaking. “Attention all passengers, we are getting a style upgrade,” the automated voice speaks over the intercom. Jennifer soon appears and starts to talk about the new narrow fit hoodies that can be used as flirtation devices. Her hand signals look like that of a flight attendant routine. Mom, Dad, and two teens pose in their new Old Navy outfits as the commercial concludes.

Industry – Retail. Hospitality. Clothes.

Describe the Target Market:
Old Navy is targeting Mom and teens. Most retail stores have a very specific age range of their target market. Old Navy has taken on a different strategy for providing clothes all in one store that anyone in the family can purchase. In almost every scene this commercial shows a young mom with a teenage boy. This reinforces Old Navy’s ability to have clothes for both adults and kids. Additionally, the pricing strategy features a deal for parents and their kids.

Does it work?
Yes. I think this commercial is rememberable and it makes a clear shot at targeting mom and children.


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