Blog 9.2: Re/Max, For All the Things that Move You

Product – Re/max realtors

Price – This promotion does not mention price. However, the promotion is selling the quality of service and promised excellent delivery.

Place – I watched this commercial between Seinfeld episodes at the gym on Wednesday evening March 6th.

Promotion – This promotion features people from all stages in life talking about thinks that they love in their house. A nerd and his nerd cave, a little boy and his secret passage, an old man and his closet space, a teenage girl who loves to run on a running path, a tall guy who needs high ceilings and such. An automated voice comes on delivering the message that, “Re/max has over 90,000 agents to find the perfect fit for all the things that move you.” Concluding with a young woman happy in front of her house that asks the viewer, “what moves you?”

Industry – Real Estate. Construction.

Describe the Target Market:
Re/max is an international retail company that uses a franchise method for its global business model (1). In this particular commercial, Re/max is targeting individuals who are looking to move and is using the emotional factor to motivate action. By featuring all different scenarios of people who now have a home with features they love starts the problem recognition for individuals who do not feel as satisfied with their current living situation. The commercial is not clearly targeted at just males or just females. The targeted audience seems broader than age of gender specific, but to anyone who wants to find a house that they love.

Does it work?
Yes. What stuck out to me was Re/max’s strong UVP statement, “For All the Things that Move You.” It is clever and rememberable while highlighting their core and actual product.

Works Cited: (1)


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