Blog 9.1: Fructis Style Disorder Power Gel

Product – Fructis Style Disorder Power Gel

Price – This promotion does not mention price. However, the promotion is selling the utility of the gel and its’ ability to hold hair for 24 hours.

Place – I watched this commercial between Seinfeld episodes at the gym on Wednesday evening March 6th.

Promotion – This promotion features a young man sitting in a college classroom. He is white, with skater hair and wearing a blue shirt. Suddenly he notices a guitar player behind him and smiles as he is then taken to a rock concert and is crowd surfing. An automated voice speaks as rock music plays with these scenes unfolding. The automated voice reports, “New Fructis Style Disorder Gel. Strong hair? 24 hour hold. Because you have a 24 hour life.”

Industry – Cosmetics. Retail.

Describe the Target Market:
Garnier Fructis is a hair product line that has several product platforms. This commercial is advertising the new release of a hair gel that holds for 24 hours. The commercial is very obviously targeting college boys who do not want to fix their hair throughout the day. More precisely, college boys who like adventure and are not very reserved, but have a wild side. These boys are not looking for an expensive hair product, they don’t care about their hair extensively, but are willing to fix it once in the morning and want it to stay that way for the rest of the day.

Does it work?
To my perception, yes. I think that this commercial is very clear and specific in their messaging to their target market. It is very obvious to pick up on who they are targeting.


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