Blog 7.4: Caribou Coffee Cup

Product – Caribou Coffee (White Chocolate Turtle Mocha)

Price – This after purchase promotion does not mention price, likely because the customer has already made their purchase and is aware of the price. However, the cup that holds the customer drink’s is covered with reminders of why their purchase was a good choice.

Place – I purchased this cup of coffee on Saturday afternoon at about noon at a Caribou Coffee located in Blaine, MN.

Promotion – This promotion is a post-purchase advertisement. The cup in which the customer’s coffee is delivered has writing on it saying Caribou’s slogan, “Life is short stay awake for it.” Additionally, the protector that they give to prevent hands from getting burnt has a call out to caribou’s website while highlighting, “this product is made from 100% post-consumer fiber.” The purpose of this promotion is to further establish brand loyalty and increase repeat visits.

Industry – Retail. Hospitality. Coffee.

Describe the Target Market:
Caribou Coffee is the second largest non franchise coffee retailer in the United states with over 400 locations (1). They have made significant efforts to directly confront their primary competitor Starbucks. Caribou is targeting the same audience as Starbucks and has had to execute many initiatives to set them apart in the saturated coffee-house market. One of Caribou’s successful marketing initiatives was when customer’s submitted answers so the company themed question, “What do you stay awake for?” Following this, they put the top 50 or so answers on their cups. This increased the traffic of Caribou’s website while creating news for social media marketing. With this promotion Caribou is targeting young adults who are a part of the environmentalism movement and care about recycling and saving the earth.

Does it work?
Yes. The call out about using recycled materials is a nice call out reminding the consumer why Caribou is so great. The cup marketing that Caribou did I think was such a great idea.

Works Cited: (1)



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