Blog 7.2: Pet Supplies Plus

Product – Pet Supplies Plus

Price – Prices varry based on the product featured. A special sale is taking place between February 21 – March 27, 2013.

Place – I received this advertisement in the mail on 2/28. This was included in a packet of local Bloomington deals.

Industry – Food. Pet. Pet health and care.

Promotion – This promotion is a miniature magazine ad that was included in large pile of local deals. On the cover it has a A happy dog and cat with words in between them that says, ” you’re cute when you save. Try it now.” Beneath this headline is a ton of different options of pet food depending on the animal with bright purple letters displaying the great deal.

Describe the Target Market:
This promotion is targeting animal lovers who melt at the sight of a cute animal. These animal lovers want to take care of their pets, but can’t necessarily afford to buy the high-end animal food. This promotion is specifically targeting people who have a dog or cat. This could even target a mom who has to buy animal food for her child’s pet. The price point is fairly reasonable and this store has a ton of different brands, so mom can get everything she needs in one stop.

Does it work?
No. The ad is fairly busy and I am unclear to the message they are wanting me to walk away with. Mail advertisements have very low return. This suggests that there are more impacting marketing efforts that this company can make.



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