Blog 7.1: Ikea Magazine

Product – Ikea Kitchen remodel

Price – At the bottom center of this front page in white bold letters it highlights, ” Kitchen starting at $1799.”

Place – I received this advertisement in the mail on 2/28. This was included in a packet of local Bloomington deals.

Promotion – This promotion is a miniature magazine ad that was included in large pile of local deals. On the cover it has a beautiful kitchen with dark wood cupboards and white counter tops. Bold white letters border the top center of the cover saying, “It’s time for the kitchen you have always wanted!” In the lower center of the cover it has the same bold white font, but in a smaller size saying, “$1799.” It has an even smaller font size right above this that says, “kitchens starting at.”

Industry – Home furniture. Hospitality. Entertainment. Interior Design. Retail.

Describe the Target Market:
Ikea is a privately owned, international home products design company that designs and sells home appliances and furniture (1). This company has made significant strides in expanding into the American market and has become known as one of the top home appliance stores. Ikea’s target market is going to be primarily women who love modern interior design. This person cares about their home, but does not want to spend a copious amount of money on redecorating. With this promotion they are specifically targeting local homes, to raise awareness that they are not located far. Additionally, they are trying to catch the eye with the low price point in an effort to get the reader to search through the magazine. Interestingly, they place “starting at” in a very small font. Meaning that the featured price is the absolute low-end and likely not the kitchen the viewer is seeing.

Does it work?
Yes. I fit within Ikea’s target market and this beautiful kitchen caught my eye. It has a home feel, but it is a sharp look. The low price point is a point of differentiation for Ikea, which is evident on this promotion.


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