Blog 6.3: Trader Joe’s Grocery Bag

Product – Trader Joes paper grocery bag.

Price – This bag is free with any in-store Trader Joe’s purchase. This purpose is not price; rather this bag serves as a reminder to the purchaser of why Trader Joe’s products are so great.

Place – I received this paper bag at the Trader Joe’s in Edina on Sunday evening 2/17/13 around 7:45pm during my grocery shop visit.

Promotion – This promotion is a brown paper bag received upon purchase that is used to carry your purchase to the car. It has bright red letters that says “Trader Joes” with a large spoon and fork to the right and left of the letters and a bottle of wine with cheese, grapes and bread above the letters. Below the title is a call out for their .com site. Additionally, the bag naturally reverts to its folded form when emptied. When this happens the consumer sees a call out on the bottom of the bag saying, “ contains at least 40% post consumer recycled content.” The purpose of this promotion is not necessarily to attract potential customers, or to motivate a purchase, but rather to remind the customer why Trader Joes is a great place to shop, driving repeated visits.

Describe the Target Market:
Trader Joe’s Company is a leading chain of domestic grocery stores with 412 locations in the US (1). Founded in 1967, Trader Joe’s grew from being simply a convenient store to a grocery store. The company has made significant strides in penetrating the market bringing direct conflict to their primary competitor, Whole Foods. Trader Joe’s is targeting the home grocery shopper who wants to enjoy their shopping experience. Additionally, this person wants to eat healthy, mostly organic foods without having to pay the price Whole Food’s charges. This target market has a very “earth friendly” mindset of wanting products that are recyclable. Trader Joe’s is wise in making this call out on the bottom of their bag to solidify the consumer’s perception of Trader Joe’s. This promotion serves as a reminder to this market that Trader Joe’s cares about what they care about. Moreover, anywhere this consumer takes this bag is serves as a promotion to all others who see it.

Does it work?
Yes. Trader Joe’s consumers care about being green. Trader Joe’s is marking a strategic move when they adopt any green marketing initiatives. Having paper grocery bags that are made from 40% post consumer recycled content seems like an achievement worthy to call out.



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