Blog 4.2: Hyundai

Describe how the company/business used the four “P’s” to add value and/or promote the product or service.

Product- Hyundia Sonata Turbo

Price- The promotion does not talk about price. However, this car was new, but not large. This infers that is is expensive because of how new it is, but will have decent gas mileage because of its size.

Place- Commercial on during the Superbowl. Sunday afternoon around 4pm. I watch this commercial on a Delta Airplane.

Promotion- This commercial features a husband and wife driving a red Hyundai Sonata Turbo. During their drive they get stuck behind all kinds of cars and want to get in front of them. The camera in each scenario zooms in on the woman’s reaction. She is disgusted and shocked at each occurrence. The car zips around each scene with ease. An automated voice tunes in around the last event saying, “Why Turbo? Because it is just better to be in front.”

2. What industry(s) is the product or service a part of?

Auto. Car rental.

3. Describe the target market.

Hyundai is a multinational company headquartered in South Korea. Since being founded in 1947 the company has experience significant growth world-wide. Hyundai purchased time for 5 commercials during the 2013 Superbowl. This commercial caught the most attention. Since this promotion is being featured on a television show mainly viewed by men, they are obviously trying to target driving men. However, the superbowl is a “party” event show where mom, dad, and all of their friends get together to enjoy the show and company. With the primary character being a woman, I think Hyundia is trying to trigger a common experience that other women have experienced. It is evident that Hyundai was targeting male and female adult drivers.

4. Does it work? Why or why not? Any general observations?

Yes. The commercial was funny and that is the trademark of Superbowl commercials. It has to be particularly good to stand out among the rest of promotions during the superbowl.

Stuck: Hyundai Commercial


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